Lark Bunting, Tennessee Warbler-- Miller/Knox (9/28)

Phred Benham

Hi all,
I had the two subject birds this morning at Miller Knox Regional Shoreline
near the Ferry point parking lot.

The Lark Bunting was with a large white-crowned sparrow flock here:
37.911761, -122.387740

First seen briefly at ~9:15am and then I just had it again at 11:17am
before it flew towards the eucalyptus and disappeared again into some dense
tangles. The bird should still be in the area, but may require quite a bit
of persistence as it took me two hours to refind it.

I found the Tennessee Warbler around 9:20am with an orange-crowned warbler.
But never saw it again after the initial sighting. The warbler was in the
same area as the Lark Bunting and hanging out in fennel.

I will upload more photos and details to my ebird checklist later.

Good luck to any who look for these birds!
Phred Benham
Pt. Richmond, CA

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