Re: Coyote Hills Sightings

Bill Bousman

It looks to me like a nice photo of a juvenile Eared Grebe (could be from either a nearby or distant nesting).

Bill Bousman
Menlo Park

On 9/23/2019 4:20 PM, Teale Fristoe wrote:

Today I spent a good five and a half hours biking and birding around Coyote
Hills. I wasn't able to find any unusual warblers, sparrows, or
flycatchers, but I did have a few noteworthy sightings:

- A Baird's Sandpiper was among the peep flock at the beginning of No Name
Trail (photo in the ebird checklist below).
- There were six White-faced Ibises in North Marsh visible from the Alameda
Creek Trail.
- There was a huge Red-winged Blackbird flock along Crandall Creek Trail,
visible from Alameda Creek Trail east of the power lines, when I first
arrived. Among the Red-wingeds were at least two Yellow-headed Blackbirds
and a handful of Tricolored Blackbirds (or maybe juvenile Red-wingeds...
I'm no expert). When I left around 2:15 the flock was no longer present,
but it might be back tomorrow morning.
- Along Shoreline Trail I saw one Eared Grebe and one Horned Grebe... I
think. The second grebe looked strange and I welcome feedback on the id.
Photos are in the ebird checklist.

Here's the list of all sightings:

Happy migration,
Teale Fristoe

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