Point San Pablo this morning (9/15)

Ethan Monk <z.querula@...>

Hi All,

Made it out to Pt. San Pablo this morning from about 6:50-10:30. A little later than I originally hoped but it worked out ok, as the overcast skies kept activity down for the first half hour and flight off the point was limited. Winds were SW?

I followed what has become the usual route: I started at the marina, walked up the switchbacks to the water tanks, up to the top of signal hill, and back down to the marina. On the way out I made a 45 minute stop at the county park. In all, I recorded 35-45 (?) passerine migrants the whole 3 hours--not too bad.

Switchbacks/marina produced:
5 Wilson's Warblers
8 Yellow Warblers
1 Townsend's Warbler
1 BTGray
6 Pac-slopes
1 Brown Creeper
2 RB Nuts
2 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
3 Orange-crowns
1 Tanager
1 Hooded Oriole
1 V Swift
2 Gnatcatchers
1 Willow Fly
And 2 siskin flew over the marina right as I arrived.

At signal hill a few starlings, 6 waxwings, 1 Pac-slope, and one apparent Spizella (presumably a Chipping Sparrow) moved over the peak.

The county park had a BTGray, 1 Orange-crowned, 3 Yellow, 1 Townsend's/Hermit, and 1 Audubon's Warbler, as well as 2 Willow Fly, and 2 Gambel's WC Sparrow. Also of note was a very cinnamon brown bunting on the north side of the parking area, lightly speckled with blue down the flanks. To me, this bird more closely resembled an Indigo than a Lazuli, but I failed to take photos and my views were excruciatingly brief (2 seconds? less?). Unfortunately, I could not relocate the bird after ~20 minutes of searching. Chalked it up as Lazuli/Indigo Bunting. This was by far the most migrants I've ever had at the county park.

I also was told that this morning there was a Nashville Warbler by the railroad tracks (to the West of the Marina), although I never made it down there. That is only the second Nashville anyone's seen at Point San Pablo.

My full list is here: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S59826100. The checklist comments will be updated sometime tonight, if not sooner.

Good birding,
Ethan Monk

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