Frank's Dump (PAAS field trip report 09-14-19)

Matthew Dodder

I led my Palo Alto Adult School birding class to the Winton access of Hayward Shoreline yesterday. We walked along the north edge of Mount Trashmore before heading north to Frank’s Dump. We ended the tour with 61 species but we were primarily focused on Shorebirds.

Highlights of the trip were numerous, including:

Vaux’s Swift
White-throated Swift — several of both species above the Winton Access parking lot
Black Oystercatcher (2) — Hayward’s Landing
Barn Owl (1) — Large eucalyptus by trail head.
Snowy Plover (7)
Red-necked Phalarope (1)
Ruddy Turnstone (1)
Red Knot (12)
Sanderling (1)
Peregrine Falcon (1) — flying over channel toward radio towers
Say’s Phoebe (2) — along Channel and on Trashmore. FOS for several people..
Horned Lark (1 im) — Mount Trashmore
White-crowend Sparrow (4) — scattered. These were FOS for several people.
Yellow Warbler (6) — several in fennel hillside bordering Trashmore

Matthew Dodder
Executive Director
Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society
22221 McClellan Rd.
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