Mergansers and a question

Ethan Monk <z.querula@...>

Hi All,

This evening I had 3 Common Mergansers fly over downtown Danville when coming out of San Ramon Creek. I have always suspected breeding at this site, but tonight I saw a likely juvenile within the 3 (although my views were without bins), and my suspicions were piqued. Last summer on July 5th, I had a flyover in almost the exact same location of one bird. Unfortunately, I have found it hard to confirm breeding because I do not know of any areas you can walk along the San Ramon Creek in the Danville Area. So, I was wondering if anyone else has any summer records (or has maybe witnessed merganser courtship) in this area, and if anyone knows where you can access the Creek, preferably in one of the locations it is still relatively forested with dirt banks.

This would make what only the second known breeding site in Contra Costa, the other coming from San Pablo Reservoir, I believe.


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