Re: Is Blue-gray Tanager Extirpated from Ebird?

Frank Fogarty

eBird protocol for most introduced species (with a handful of exceptions)
is for reviewers to invalidate the record with the flag
"introduced/exotic". This removes the records from all public output,
including maps, but they are still present in the dataset and visible on
the individual checklists. I've heard that the rationale for this protocol
is to reduce the clutter of introduced species on bar charts, although that
seems pretty trivial and I'd like to see introduced species included in
public output.

If anyone is interested in analyzing records of a specific introduced
species, it's relatively easy to get these invalidated records in the eBird
Basic Dataset download.

Good birding,

Frank Fogarty

On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 5:46 PM Dave Weber <dwbirdster@...> wrote:

When viewing all of my photos in Ebird, I noticed that Blue-gray Tanager is
missing. This is the bird seen at Sycamore Grove Park/Arroyo Entrance this

I found the following:

It appears on my single checklist with the photos.

It appears on my county list.

It does not appear on the full county checklist.

I cannot find anyone's photos of the bird, ie the search returns no result.

Other exotics still appear on the county list.

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

Dave Weber,


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