Reservoir project in Del Puerto Canyon

John Harris

Hi all,

As many of you may know from newspaper articles and other sources, there is
a proposal to develop a reservoir in lower Del Puerto Canyon. The project
is in a scoping phase, i.e. they are asking for input as to what issues
should be considered in an Environmental Impact Report. They have
acknowledged potential impacts on wildlife and other issues, but have not
really addressed the issue of recreational use of the canyon. Those issues
could include such things as the location of the replacement for the
existing road (should it be near the reservoir, should it include pullouts
for viewing, etc.), any mitigation for lost habitats, and so on. The
potential issues are identified in an initial study, a summary of which can
be viewed at this website, note there is also a timeline suggesting a
comment period for the EIR this fall:

There is also a link to a timeline. Please note that comments for the
scoping phase are due *THIS MONDAY, JULY 29*. Comments should be sent to

Comments can be sent to:

Del Puerto Water District

Attn: Anthea Hansen

17840 Ward Ave./P.O. Box 1596

Patterson, CA 95363

Or email: ahansen@...

I’m sorry for the very late notice about this, and I hope this is
appropriate for the East Bay list serve, I know lots of folks bird the
canyon, especially in the spring,

John Harris

Oakdale, CA

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