Re: Possible Orchard Oriole at Coyote Hills

Bruce Mast

That bill looks rather short to me for a Hooded Oriole. I see on
iNaturalist that the hypothesis has been offered that the bird is a
fledgling Hooded, thus shorter billed and brighter wingbars. It's early
June--was the bird by itself? In my neighborhood, the Hooded Oriole family
travels around together as a loose flock until late summer. I haven't
noticed any fledglings yet.

Bruce Mast

On Sun, Jun 2, 2019 at 10:04 PM Teale Fristoe <fristoe@...> wrote:

Today a friend and I went on a long walk through Coyote Hills. Near the
junction of Crandall Creek Trail and Alameda Creek Trail, we noticed a
small yellow bird on a power line. My friend posted a photo of the bird to

Is this an expected Hooded Oriole, or could it be a female Orchard Oriole?
It appears to be uniformly yellow, lacking grayish flanks, and the white
wing bars look fairly defined.

Note: As I was writing this email, some folks on iNat decided the bird is a
Bullock's Oriole, which seems wrong to me given the clearly yellow belly. I
welcome any thoughts you have on the id.

Happy birding,
Teale Fristoe

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