Bradford Island Access

Jim Chiropolos

Birding Bradford island is a very sensitive access issue. The ferry and island levees have very little capacity for non-island residents. The island also contains working ranches that use the levees - the sensitive rancher is concerned with people possibly damaging his operation while his stock use the levees for cattle drives.I think that if too many birders use the island - birders (and other people) - will get banned due to the concerns above. Its a neat place - but if you bird it, it should not be chase rarities but to enjoy a more "intact" delta ecosystem. Due to access issues, it is a place that probably should not be posted on the listservs and on ebird lists rare birds should be hidden, because of the extreme sensitivity of access issues and to avoid potential confrontation with residents if too many people are present at once and stress its infrastructure. An occasional small birding group is probably OK - but that formula changes when a rare bird is present. Bans have occurred at other delta locations for similar reasons.
Jim Chiropolos, Orinda

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