Re: Bradford Access

Ethan Monk <z.querula@...>

Since apparently I am not allowed to "reply to group," I am starting a new thread on this. Anyway, here is what I understand of the situation on Bradford Island:

Truly, I am unaware of the exact status of the island. Last August I emailed the district manager (Angelia) who told me that the island’s levees were public and access was allowed, just no photos of private property or walking off the levees. Around the same time she emailed Graham Chisholm and told him almost the exact opposite. She doesn’t seem to be the most organized human?? Regardless, I have spoken to several dockhands and property owners on the island openly about me birding and I have received no negative response (and have even been told I am welcome back anytime). If I remember correctly, it seems that most stopped visiting the island because of the MAGA hat wearing rancher. If you avoid the dilapidated trailers and stay on the levees, running into people like him shouldn’t be an issue. For now I would just be careful out there; however, it seems last summer's situation has blown over. I met a landowner today who allowed us to bird on his property right next to the old Bell's spot. We found a Willow Flycatcher and a Bunting: It was great.

Ultimately, whether or not you decide to visit the island is a matter of personal discretion. If you do decide to visit, my checklist from today should provide a general guideline for what one can expect.

Good birding,

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