Re: Wrentits in Oakland area?

Patricia Bacchetti

HI Louis,

Good places to look are Sibley Regional (go out on the trail to the left) and Valle Vista EBMUB Staging Area near Moraga (you will need to pay $5 online and get a permit to hike there). There’s even one that sings at Lake Temescal, but it’s up on the hill and seeing it wouldn’t be easy. Any place with dry chaparral should have wrentits. Make sure you know their call because they’re often heard and not seen.

Good luck!

Patricia Bacchetti

On May 31, 2019, at 10:02 PM, Louis Libert <loumlibert@...> wrote:


I live in Oakland and have a birding friend in town who’s never seen a Wrentit. Where’s a good place in or near Oakland to look for Wrentit?

Louis Libert
Oakland, CA

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