Black-necked stilt chicks at Garretson Point

Megan Jankowski

There is a pair of stilts with at least two chicks in the seasonal wetland
at Garretson Point. I am watching one fluff ball exploring while one adult
broods and the other adult forages. They are pretty close to the fence line
but there’s a good amount of foliage in the way, especially if you are

Directions: walk down the paved path next to the seasonal wetland. Stand
just past the first bench where the bushes open up slightly and look in.
The adult is sitting on a tuft of green grass amongst much browner stuff.
If you walk past where the bushes end you can look back and see them too.

The chick just came and got under the adult. And another chick was
visible. Since they are mobile no guarantee they’ll be in the same spot
very long.

Megan Jankowski

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