Stellar's Jay near Pleasanton, plus some area populations seem lower than last year, and my Nutall's


Saw a Stellar's on the road side and stopped for a bit. It seemed rather animated and moving around on the ground.  Location - Pleasanton - Sunol Road just south of Verona

For some of you this may be a rather common sighting but for me there are much fewer sightings than 40 years ago, similar to the California Quail that used to be more ubiquitous in the SF Bay Area when I was growing up. Maybe I have bad luck but I haven't seen a Stellar's Jay for years despite my hiking around.

On another note, my partner and I have noticed a marked decline in the number of swifts this season around the Thermo Fisher Campus, and a similar decline of Cliff Swallows a bit south where they nest. [ I can pinpoint the location if you like. Just send an email. ]    We were wondering if anyone else has seen similar declines in their local birds. The winter was a bit prolonged and perhaps had a negative effect despite the fact that as someone who grew up in the area, the winter seemed normal for 50 years ago.  On yet another note, the Thermo Fisher campus Canadian geese are now shepherding 9 goslings this year around the grounds, mostly the pond area.

My Laurel neighborhood Nutall's last month seemed to have abandoned their nest, perhaps for another location. We saw this happen a few years back when the male started on a nest across the street from my house, then abandoned it and started a new nest on the same tree. I do hope they come back next year.

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