Re: Phainopeplas at Lime Ridge, Walnut Creek

Alan Bade

I thought I'd add to the Lime Ridge sightings; we had three Phainopeplas while helping with Save Mt Diablo's Lime Ridge Mangini BioBlitz on May 4th, on SMD's Mangini property. They were fairly vocal. I'm just now getting our lists entered into iNat (SMD prefers iNat for their data over eBird). We also had a Nashville warbler, a Hermit, several Townsend's, Orange crowned, and Wilson's, along with many Ash-throated Flycatchers. Common Poorwill and a Western Screech owl during an evening effort. I attached the ebird checklists here if folks are interested. We were fortunate to have some very experienced birders helping, and it was a lot of fun.

--Alan Bade

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