Nesting Ash-throated flycatchers and other birds

Jerry Britten

For the first time, ash-throated flycatchers are building a nest in one of
the boxes on my property. Also, at least two more are occupied by western
bluebirds, one is being used to raise white-breasted nuthatch chicks, and
oak titmouse have already fledged from another. No house wrens this year
which is puzzling as there have been as many as 3 pairs at once some
years. Hopefully, violet-green swallows will start nesting soon in one of
them, as they often do. Elsewhere on the property I know of red-shouldered
hawks, turkey vultures, black phoebes and scrub jays nesting. I'm sure
there are more I haven't found.
Jerry Britten
Morgan Territory

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