Pleasant Hill Grayson Creek birding

Alan Bade

In today's Grayson Creek bird survey (a monthly project with Friends of Pleasant Hill Creeks), highlights were two Western Tanagers (one male and female) in the trees along the creek near the new PH Library site. Also two Hooded Orioles (both males), a Wrentit, and one of the Red-Shouldered hawk pair we observed mating last month. At the second site near the new Carmax store, highlights are two Red-Shouldered hawks are both back in the same nest they used last year in the sycamores along Chilpancingo Parkway, north of the new CarMax store. Cliff swallows are gathering mud from the banks of Grayson Creek and building nests under the small bridge that crosses the creek halfway between Golf Club Rd bridge and Chilpancingo bridge. You can get a good view of them gathering their mud.
We are now up to 72 species recorded during the 18 months of the survey along two stretches of Grayson Creek.
Good birding, Alan Bade

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