Mitchel Canyon sightings

Philip Georgakakos

Hi Folks,

Today Teale Fristoe and I checked out Mitchell Canyon this morning from around 5 to about 11. If you plan to check out this area pre-dawn you need to plan around the gate at the visitors center being closed. We parked about a mile away and biked in. From the visitors center we walked down Mitchel canyon road pre-dawn to the second access point to Red Road. Then we poked around Red Road, Black Point Trail, and some of the dead end trails that lead to the park boundary, slowly we headed back to the visitors center. There were loads of warblers in mixed flocks with vireos and flycatchers.

Notable sightings:
- Western Screech-Owl tooting off Mitchell Canyon Road
- Common Poorwill calling and flying off Red Road
- Calliope hummingbirds(3) off Red Road and Mitchell Canyon Road
- Cassin’s Vireos(2)
- Hammond’s flycatcher(10) Scattered throughout, the most either of us had seen in an outing
- Nashville Warbler(6)
- Hermit Warbler (5)
- a single Macgillivray’s Warbler Male off Black Point Trail.

8 warbler species and 56 total species on the day. The flower diversity and abundance is also pretty amazing out there right now. Find the complete checklist here

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring!
Phil Georgakakos

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