Calliope on Garin Ave, Hayward, April 17

Dave Weber

Saw Mark Rauzon's ebird report yesterday so I was at the bank of Pride of
Madeira along the upper part of Garin Ave early this morning. I parked at
the Garin RP parking lot (no fee!) and walked back. I walked up a steep gap
near a phone pole to a narrow cement culvert. Looking down I saw a male
Calliope Hummer 20 feet away sitting still for two minutes around 8:10. Then
I saw Jim Lomax across the road but we never refound the Calliope. One or
two Rufous were around but no Black-chinned. The Calliope is 300 in the
county for me. Later Jim and I went to Ardenwood Farms and joined Jerry Ting
to not refind the Gray Flycatcher.

Dave Weber,


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