Tilden Nature Area, Jewel Lake

Mike Shannon

I took a nice though brief hike from Indian Head to Jewel Lake. There was a small group of bushtit in the low bushes to the left of the trailhead (up a few steps). I heard Pacific Slope Flycatcher throughout the park and got a glimpse of one down near the lake. I hiked the secondary trail that more or less follows the creek on the side opposite of the main path. I saw the Black Headed Grosbeak high up in the tallest trees. There were Wilson's Warblers where the trail comes along the backside of the lake. Standing there for awhile I saw Song Sparriw ( not shy). There was a vireo, I think it was Huttons but short of a DNA test, I hesitate to positively identify him. The face marks were wrong for warbling vireo which leans me toward Huttons. An Oak Titmouse showed itself. There was another warbler, larger than the easily recognized Wilsons. I think it was a Yellow Warbler. A Stellars Jay was hanging around as were a couple of Mallard. I heard hummingbirds a few times but didn't take time to find them. Crows and Scrub Jay were here and there. Juncos were hanging around the footbridge along with more Bushtit.

I went around to the other side of the lake and listened to that damn Virginia Rail sounding off right in front of me and I could NOT see him. I am quite sure he was mocking me and a few others who gathered around to try and find it.

In the trees above was a Downy Woodpecker, the white streak down the back was evident.

All in all a fine morning of birding.

Mike Shannon
Castro Valley

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