Harris's Sparrow at Castle Rock Park Friday March 29


The previously reported Harris's Sparrow was seen by five birders this morning at the Castle Rock Park softball field.  After several other small sparrow flocks, the Harris's Sparrow was seen in far left field out on the grass.  It was not quite as far as the red barn maintenance building, and this particular flock was the largest we had seen earlier.
A couple of Scrub-Jays were making noise and may have spooked the flock back into the bushes and trees on the slope behind the field.  A drive-around lawn mower might have kept the birds hiding for about 20 minutes, but a few eventually re-appeared on the ground in front of some dead bushes.  Then, the Harris's Sparrow was seen at the very top of a tree and in full sun.  After just a few moments, all the sparrows seemed to fly over our heads and toward the picnic area and creek behind us.
I'm thinking that we probably started walking from the parking lot around 10 AM, maybe a bit earlier.  Thanks to Walt, Steve, Chris and George for the good time.  When we first arrived at the swimming pool area, we heard the chatter of an Oriole, but it stopped and was never found.

Hugh B. HarveyWalnut Creek

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