Dumbarton Pier (5MR effort)

Matthew Dodder

Eric Goodill and I explored the Dumbarton Pier today, an area neither one of us had been to before, mostly because a small sliver of the levy trail falls within Eric's "5-mile-radius", and we wanted to check it out. We found 37 species during our short visit, including 2 PELAGIC CORMORANTS on the old rail bridge, as well as two PEREGRINE FALCONS (perhaps nesting one of the old buildings over the water). The only other raptor ecnountered was an OSPREY flying over the water. BARN SWALLOWS showed up near the lot, as well as a single TREE SWALLOW. There were great numbers of CLARK’S and WESTERN GREBES, a single RED-THROATED LOON and a number of unsurprising birds.

There were dozens of PAINTED LADIES in the area, most on the move, but occasionally one would stop and rest, allowing us to admire them briefly.

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Matthew Dodder
Mountain View

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