Harris's Sparrow, Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area, Walnut Creek


I wish to thank Fred Safier for posting the HARRIS'S SPARROW, on my behalf.
I was unable to do so as reception was extremely poor. I've had some requests for
directions and a few details regarding the location of this bird. It was found at about
9am, this morning, by John Missing, and myself, on and around the little grassy
ball field on the right as you proceed into the park, a little ways beyond the swimming pool.
These geo-coordinates should put you very near: 37.889240, -121.992393
Here's a Google Maps link. There's a gravel lot at the end of Castle Rock Rd.
The entrance, by foot, is a little further.
Look for flocks of Golden-crowned Sparrows foraging on the grass, and at the leafy/gravely 
margins of the field. It was among about 20-30 when It was spotted.
Good birding, all.
Tracy Farrington
Walnut Creek

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