Possible Kamchatka Gull in CoCo County


Yesterday (13/3/2019) at West County Wastewater District - Sewage Ponds, located by Richmond Pkwy just west of San Pablo. Contra Costa County (exact address include in attached  eBird checklist), I found, this interesting and quite untypical I think Mew Gull. The Gull was relatively large, almost  Ring-billed Gull size  (side by side for cf) with conspicuous unmarked large / long yellow bill and strikingly bright (pale gray) eyes what in my opinion may be the basis to consider it as the so-called Kamchatka Gull. Adult bird (in winter plumage) was together with another Mew Gull (2nd Winter immature, also photographed). During observation I also saw the third Mew gull (not affiliated with these two)  clearly smaller, and with an obvious smaller bill   Albert W. Linkowski


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