Sparrow note


I am posting again, although I did not see the sparrow this morning, but Hugh Harvey explained to me how to make sure that my info also goes to

On my usual morning walk today* (technically one hour later than usual due to the time change) I turned from Cherry Lane east onto the Contra Costa Canal Trail. Normally there is a Cal Towhee pair there, but when a small brown bird flew across the trail it didn't look right. In fact it was a White-crowned Sparrow. It went into some underbrush and I started counting WC Sparrows for my eBird report. But one of the sparrows looked different. Black and white stripes extending back further on the head than on a White-crown, bright white throat, and the clincher: clear yellow spot on the lores. White-throated Sparrow, unmistakable.

* that was yesterday, March 10.

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