Heather Farm Monday morning Mar. 4


Things are starting to change, some of the trees are blossoming, some of the ducks are fewer in number.  Today we had Buffleheads and a Common Goldeneye.  The Red-winged Blackbirds are more numerous now and singing.  Lots of the expected sparrows, and while it was not seen today, Fred Safier had the Fox Sparrow yesterday.  Fred and Walt Duncan pointed out to me the first Rough-winged Swallows flying over the large, mostly natural pond.  We also had the Tropical Kingbird today, it was seen from the wood railing to the left under a white-flowering tree.  It flew out to hawk insects a few times.  Some gulls were on the lawn between the parking lot and the railing, Ring-billed Gulls with one Mew Gull.  Fred and Walt saw the Merlin flying away before I arrived.  A Marsh Wren sang in the willows on the west side of the big pond.

Due to the varying weather conditions and approaching spring, every day is different.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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