Re: Palm warbler

John H. Maurer

My wife and I managed to arrive while the bird was still in the flowering (prunes?). We had really good views of it for about 10 minutes, until it went around the corner of the sedge. All of us walked over and looked to see if it was on the other side of the patch of sedge or if it would come out, but of course no luck. (It was easy to find. Just look for a group of people with cameras and/or binoculars, all aimed at the same spot.)

John (and Jean)

On 2/7/19 6:08 PM, Teale Fristoe wrote:
This afternoon I got lunch at Doyle Hollis Park with a couple of friends and looked for the continuing Palm Warbler. We had a brief view of the bird in a tree along 62nd shortly after we first arrived, around 1:30, but it quickly flew off to the northeast, apparently to the gated parking lot across the street. After lunch, around 2:30, we found it again at the edge of the sedges to the west of the bathroom before it flew back into the trees along 62nd. It was much more cooperative this time and gave good looks for maybe fifteen minutes before it disappeared in a small patch of sedges in the sidewalk. It's quite a beautiful sight when it's in those flowering trees!

Good birding,
Teale Fristoe

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