Re: Palm warbler

Tom McGuire <tomario@...>

Hi Everyone,

This morning I got to the park around 8:45 and strolled the pretty landscaped grounds for a few minutes (worried that I had left my car in a street cleaning day zone), but figured . . . this little guy is worth a ticket!

Luckily, I did not get a ticket, and even more fortunate, I actually spotted the bird . . . ! . . . with the help of a young mother in tow with front papoose and binos. She called me over and alerted me to the bird's presence. I managed three photos (none very good) and a 4-second video. (If interested in a glimpse, in case you weren't as fortunate as I to have spotted the bird, google gambolinman + youtube + palm warbler.) 

I hope to post a short piece at my blog on this wonderful - wayward? - visitor to Emeryville.

Tom McGuire
Berkeley, CA

On Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 4:45:17 PM PST, judisierra via Groups.Io <judisierra@...> wrote:

Seen today in E-ville at 2. On the ground in the gutter and in a tree at the north east corner of the park. Note literally at the corner. Thanks to another birder who was there watching it when I arrived.

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