Palm warbler


I went back today looking for the Palm Warbler which I missed yesterday.  Though it was the briefest of glimpses, the Palm Warbler was in the bushes near the taco truck at the southwest corner of Doyle Hollis Park. 

There is a small triangle of landscaping near the taco truck, the most prominent bush has reddish branches and is hard to miss.  The Palm Warbler moved at the bottom of the bush and I was able to see the bright yellow vent area as the bird disappeared around the bush to the right. It seemed to move behind the bush to the left, but despite my patience in waiting, I never saw more than that.

So I stood in line, bought a drink and walked slowly around the park again before finally heading off.  Other birds seen include an Anna's Hummingbird, two California Towhees, 3-4 White-crowned Sparrows and a few Rock Pigeons.

At least I saw part of it.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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