Re: Burrowing Owl (w/ slight squirrel kerfuffle) + Mountain Bluebird Q


I’m at theAlbany Bulb now and might be viewing two ravens eating a  Burrowing Owl at the northeast corner of the enclosure. They are right by the pipe pulling light colored feathers and also I saw one large chunk of flesh. 

Derek Heins

On Jan 27, 2019, at 2:16 PM, M. Maloney <> wrote:

Thanks to those on the GGAS Albany Shoreline field-trip yesterday who pointed out the BURROWING OWL. I took some video after the GGAS group had migrated onward a bit, and witnessed this interesting (to me, anyway) slight "altercation" where a squirrel seemed to get a little too close to the Burrowing Owl, who *responded,* and then stalked off on its long legs, making my first BUOW sighting extra memorable...

Also, I appreciated the definitive CLARK'S GREBE sighting (given that seeing them in winter plumage can make clear ID vs Westerns somewhat challenging).  The shorebird and duck action on those mudflats was indeed *fantastic*; a highlight for me was seeing a few AVOCETS in nascent breeding plumage, as well as several NORTHERN PINTAILS.

Bonus Bluebird question:   I would be happy to buy a glass of wine, or a snack to see the MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS @ Cedar Mountain Winery (not a wine connoisseur, so not into tastings and the like), but this doesn't seem possible based on my research so far.  And saying, "hey, I'm mostly just here for your Mountain Bluebirds," doesn't seem like a great, respectful approach either.   I've looked for MOBL on that road (just outside of the Winery itself), but haven't struck "blue / gold" so far.  Biking is not an option in this instance, so it has to be by car, or on foot.   Ideas welcome; please write me off-list, and thanks for your consideration.


Michelle M.  (Oakland)

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