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Date: Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 1:43 PM
Subject: [EBB_Sightings] black scoter back at Richmond Marina
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We saw 2 black scoters about a week ago at Richmond Marina, but have been looking and didn't see them until today. We thought they may have just been passing through. But we saw the 2 males again today and they were calling. They have been hanging around in the boat docks E and D. They were close to the walkway to the right side of Dock E, just across from Salute today. Many birders may remember the little forlorn black scoter who was always calling and chasing female scaups in previous years. We figure one of these is him and he brought a buddy. Hope they stay awhile, they are so much fun to listen to.

In the same area near Salute, there was a snow goose and her(?) entourage of 8 white-fronted geese. We have been seeing this entourage on and off for about a month, and they move from the Salute-Rosie pathway over to across from Friendship park. They are very approachable.

Oh, and the weather is glorious - lucky we live California!

E. Stamman 



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