Birds in Heather Farm Friday January 18--and one more


Walt Duncan and I were on bikes today at Heather Farm.  He was a bit ahead of me and had Mew Gulls on the lawn south of the concrete pond.  We both saw the Merlin in a conifer across from the truck-wash building next to the dog park.  It was later harassed by a couple of Crows.
The pond was very muddy and it was obvious that water had been high during the recent storm.  We saw continuing Ring-neck Ducks and Buffleheads.  In addition, two first-year male Common Goldeneyes were present.
Before Walt turned into a pumpkin, we decided to drive to the west end of Olympic Blvd beyond the traffic circle.  We found a couple of Mallards in the creek there and one male Wood Duck.  This section of the creek has often been good for the Wood Ducks in past years.  Due to the muddy waters following the storm, I was not certain we would have any luck, but we gave ourselves a low-five following our success.
Hugh B. HarveyWalnut Creek

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