Heather Farm Wednesday morning


It was nice to visit Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek after being gone 9 days. Fred Safier and I did not meet each other until he was walking home west along the Contra Costa Canal trail, so we had a couple of different birds. Fred had a Common Goldeneye, which I missed, but I had the Common Gallinule, which he missed. Fred had some others which I did not see, but are fairly common like the Oak Titmouse or a Jay.

At the north end of the north ball fields parking lot, there is a turn-around. Just past it is a graveled area which had a little puddle. Many Robins and Cedar Waxwings were in the trees there, but when I entered the park some of the Cedar Waxwings were on the ground at the puddle. Thanks, mom.

Fred was able to show me the Tropical Kingbird, which may have moved its hunting area. Today it was seen from the CC Canal trail looking across the canal and between the park maintenance yard and the pond near the Seven Hills School. I am wondering if the hunting is better at that pond these days. The school is private, and the pond fairly secluded, but the pond may be seen from either the CC Canal trail or the equestrian area parking lot.

A large number of gulls was circling various areas of the park. I first noticed them as I was riding my bike south toward the park, then again from the big oak tree on the west side.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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