Waterfront Road Wetlands -- Martinez -- Short-eared Owl & Kites

Graham Chisholm

Yesterday afternoon I visited the wetlands east of Martinez & east of I-680
on the north side of Waterfront Road. There are two locked gates with
parking along the side of the road, and I choose to walk north through the
gate that goes into a grassy area that is obviously a park though locals
walked the better road north through the gate with clear "no trespassing"
signs about 100 yards to the east.

About 15 minutes before sunset (5:30 pm) a short-eared owl started flying
around about 1/2 mile north of Waterfront Road and ranged pretty widely.
As enjoyable were the large number of White-tailed Kites with numbers
building toward dusk and birds still in the air when the owl appeared, my
last count was a total of 39 kites, including about 22 on one roost to the
northwest of the property. This may well be an undercount given that birds
were flying in from a number of directions and I turned my attention to
finding the previously report short-eared owl.

Graham Chisholm

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