continuing Summer Tanager in Claremont Canyon, Berkeley/Oakland

Bruce Mast

Howdy birders,
Rode my bike today to the Claremont Canyon trailhead at Stonewall Ave.,
(Stonewall Panoramic Trail on Google maps). Before I even got to the
trailhead, I heard the SUMMER TANAGER chattering in the trees to the left
of the house at 91 Stonewall Ave. By the time I had stowed my bike and
switched to birding mode, the bird had flown north into the park. I tracked
it down by ear along the lower trail that proceeds north from the trailhead
through the flat meadow. I relocated the Tanager in the top of a live oak,
the big round one to the right of the trail at 37.863040, -122.244731. The
bird was initially buried in the foliage but it briefly popped up and
allowed a couple decent pictures before it flew off to the north into the
eucalyptus trees above the volleyball courts.

Thanks to Erica Rutherford and John Colbert for first locating the bird
back on Oct. 30.

Also enjoyed showing passing hikers a Great Horned Owl hooting from the
eucalyptus trees at the first bench overlook with the rope swing. Full
checklist at

Bird on,

Bruce Mast

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