Canal Blvd This Evening. Murrelet Sp.


Hi All,

Writing for Lucas Corneliussen and Mark and Lucas Stephenson who have been doing a bay watch from the Canal Blvd. viewing platform in the Richmond Area for the past hour. The winds have been blowing SW all day and the birds have been shooting past them going North into San Pablo Bay. Here is a rough list of what they have seen fly North so far:

MURRELET SP. Small murrelet/alcid. A small, torpedo-like bird with a small, pointed bill traveling north quickly and low to the water with rapid wingbeats and all dark underwings and a white belly. Much smaller than a murre. Most likely a Marbled Murrelet (but they are not definitively calling it such) representing a probable 5th (?) county record.

~80 Red-throated Loons

1 Common Loon
2 Sanderling
4 Brant
~30 Thayer's Gull
~5 Mew Gulls

All of these birds were flying to the North. Tomorrow the winds are supposed to be North-east/East winds, perfect for pushing these birds back out towards the ocean. Early morning seawatches from Canal Blvd. or Pt. Isabel could be very rewarding.

Good birding,
Ethan Monk

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