Nelson's NO, Swamp YES

Alan Krakauer

I spent a while mid-day Thursday (1/10) looking for the Nelson’s Sparrow that was recently reported near the 51st access to the Bay Trail between Pt. Isabel and Meeker Slough. I didn’t see it, nor did anyone else before about 1:30 as far as I’m aware. I think the tide was rising but we definitely did not have a king tide. Also lots of construction noise.

On my way back to Meeker Slough (just a few minutes after Denise Wight and her friend left), I got a about a half-second glance at a Swamp Sparrow just south of Meeker Slough. I think this is more or less the same spot where it has been reported. I was between the old pier and Meeker Slough proper, close to the trash can and dog poop bag dispensers. The bird was on the edge of the long strip of higher elevation upland that’s about 75 feet or so on the inland side of the trail. I waited around for a while for this sparrow too but i was not able to refind it.

Other highlights were a Ridgeway’s rail that swam accross Meeker Slough maybe 50 feet upstream of the bridge, pretty close looks at a snipe near the old pier, a couple of canvasback, distant looks at a Merlin, first spotted by Denise Wright well inland from the trail, and impressive numbers of peeps (mostly Western Sandpipers) in the restored area between Meeker Slough and the 51st street access.

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-Alan Krakauer
Richmond, CA

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