MLK Regional shoreline, Lake Merrit, and Alameda sightings

Philip Georgakakos

Hi folks,

Today I biked and birded a couple of locations. The route started at Lake Merritt then down to Arrowhead Marsh, where I met Teale Fristoe, and together we continued to Alameda Island, checking out Elsie Romer, Crown Beach, and Crab Cove. Chris and Teri Wils hit many of the same spots as us and we ran into them throughout the day.

Barrows Goldeneyes (5 at least) in the outflow of Lake Merritt
Greater White-fronted Goose (1) grazing with a bunch of Canada Geese near fairyland
Blue-winged Teal (3) Arrowhead
Oystercatchers (4) and Pelagic Cormorants (2) at Arrowhead on the far side of airport channel from the marsh
Burrowing owl(1) found by Chris as Teri near the small ponds near the entrance before you reach the marsh at Arrowhead
Mew gulls at Lake Merritt and Crab Cove
Ruddy Turnstone at Elsie Romer, by the breakwater on a small emergent rock
Snowy Plover at Elsie Romer

There were thousands of Greater Scaup throughout the day, and thousands of shorebirds at Elsie Romer. 98 Species on the day, with only one hawk, a white tailed kite.

Happy new year!
Phil Georgakakos

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