Nutall's taking up residence for the cold evening in the Laurel, and a lonely Great Horned Owl on Christmas


Was working on my rose bush around 4:45PM today when I heard the Nutall's call and observed it feeding in a tree across the street. Then it flew to my tree right below the nest from last year, poked around for about 30  seconds and went in, and stayed. I don't blame it. The tree I bet was warmed up nicely form the sun all day and what a nice convenient place to stay. Never saw that before. Kind of cool. Er, warm.

If you remember a while back I recorded the lonely sound of the Great Horned Owl mating call. Since then it seems to have popped up in other places around Oakland. On Christmas it was reported on Nextdoor as "Owl hooting very loudly on Coolidge Ave between Alida and Morgan!" I sent the guy my recording and he said that was it.

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