Miller-Knox Park today - highlights


At a windy mid-day there were hundreds of birds on the water close to the shoreline, from the tunnel to the old ferry landing, including at least 20 Surf Scoters, 20 Common Goldeneyes, many dozens each of scaup and Buffleheads, and a Horned Grebe. At least five Red-breasted Mergansers were on the pond with dozens of more common birds, and 10 or more Killdeer were on the grass. I also stopped at the intersection of Brickyard Cove Road and Sandpiper Spit. A Pied-billed Grebe swam in the marina, a Kestrel hovered over the shoreline, and I'm almost certain there was a loon with the twenty-or-so Western and Clark's Grebes in the bay.

Ken Berniker
El Cerrito

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