Summer Tanager continues at Claremont Canyon

Bob Toleno

Juli Chamberlin and i got fantastic views of the continuing SUMMER TANAGER
in Claremont Canyon earlier this afternoon. We found it uphill from where
others have been reporting the bird, feeding for quite a while at the sap
wells drilled by a sapsucker in an oak tree. The exact coordinates where we
found the tanager are here:

37.8639434, -122.2432396

We ran into David Tomb at the bottom of the hill, gave him those
coordinates, and he was able to find the bird at the exact same oak tree
nearly an hour after us, so this may be a fairly reliable spot for others
to look. It was our third attempt to see this bird, so i guess third time's
the charm! eBird list with digibin photo is here:

Good birding,
Bob Toleno

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