CoCoCo Ferruginous Hawk: best bird of Sunday's Oakland Christmas Bird Count

David Quady and Nancy Boas

East Bay Birders:

The Ferruginous Hawk seen Sunday on north San Pablo Ridge that was chosen as best bird of the Oakland CBC was also — we learned the next day — seen and photographed on Sunday from the Wildcat Creek Trail, right at the Tilden/Wildcat park boundary, by looking uphill toward the east/southeast. It appears to be a light morph juvenile.

Through a chain of friend to friend to friend emails over the last couple of days I learned of two nearby spots where the same (or perhaps another?) Ferruginous Hawk has been seen off and on since it was first spotted on October 29. This bird apparently spends a lot of time over the newly restored pond at the corner of Castro Ranch Road and Pinole Valley Road, and nearby along Pinole Creek. Its second spot is the vicinity of the Balestrieri Family Farm Vineyard on Alhambra Valley Road. The bird is said to have perched in a dead pine near the road, and is often up in the air over a vineyard starting at the intersection of Periera Road and Alhambra Valley Road.

Wishing you happy Ferruginous Hawk searching ...

Dave Quady
Berkeley, California

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