Horned larks at Briones

Philip Georgakakos

Hi Folks,

I walked about 6 miles today from 8-12ish at Briones regional park. Started at Old Briones Rd trailhead, went and checked out the lagoons. Headed over the ridge on Mott peak to Black Oak trail and back via Old Briones Road.

Notable sightings:
Horned Larks (9) on the ridge on Mott Peak Trail heading away from Sindicich Lagoons.
Gadwall (6) on the pond
Lark Sparrows (3) at the intersection of Old Briones road and Black Oak Trail
Purple Finches (4) on Old Briones Road near the staging area eating Madrone fruit with a few Waxwings
Pine Siskin(2) hanging with some Lesser Goldfinches near the lagoons

Probably a couple hundred Lesser Goldfinches in the fields foraging on dried thistle with many Bluebirds. Also, loads of Meadowlarks in the fields.

Phil Georgakakos

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