Re: Possible Field Sparrow at Gomez park Nov 12.

Dave Weber

I sent a lengthy follow-up earlier but my phone is acting like it never
existed, so I am writing the whole thing again. If there any duplicated
reports, I apologize.

I am certain I saw a Field Sparrow at Gomes Park in Fremont. I was on my way
home from an excellent overnight trip to Stanislaus County when I stopped at
the park, forgetting that a Field Sparrow was reported there yesterday on
ebird by TK Pham. Around 2:10 pm some splashing under dense vegetation
revealed a bathing Swamp Sparrow. Then a dry Swamp Sparrow appeared next to
it. Then a third small sparrow appeared. I though it was also a Swamp but
then realized it was too dull. Head and underparts were gray. Back was brown
with dark streaks. Wings had two thin white bars. Head had two dull
orangy-rufous crown stripes and a thin line of the same color through the
eye. Bill was pinkish. It had a thin white eye ring. I eliminated Chipping,
Brewer's, and American Tree Sparrow by pattern and/or coloration. Immature
White-crowned Sparrow was immediately eliminated as they were all around for
comparison. Chipping Sparrow has also been reported here. Stephanie Floyd
provided a description in an ebird report which does not describe the bird I

The location is apparently where one or more Swamp Sparrows have been seen:
in the channel with concrete walls on both sides, about 15 yards from the
west end of the north wall. The Field Sparrow flew out to a tree at the end
of the north wall, then to some weeds across the junction of the creek with
two other creeks. I was too tired to go after it, so I went home to research
it before sending my follow-up with details. Today's bird seemed overall
dull. Old Sibley shows very bright birds with much orangy-buff. I have only
seen one other Field Sparrow which was mostly gray with little orange-buff
tones. A quick check of online pics showed several individuals similar to
today's bird.

Dave Weber

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Nov 12.

Field sparrow was recently reported at Gomez I think. I may have refound it
at 2:10. End of the channel between the wall and the area where two other
creeks join. Details later. Plus two Swamps!!Dave Weber,MilpitasBy phone

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