Re: Two Swamp and possible Field Sparrow at Gomez park Nov 12.

Dave Weber

I am nearly certain there is a Field Sparrow at Gomes Park. The details: I stopped at Gomes Park around 1:30 pm Nov 12 on the way back from an excellent overnight trip to Stanislaus County. Around 2pm some splashing under dense vegetation revealed a bathing Swamp Sparrow. Then a dry Swamp Sparrow appeared next to it. Then a third small bird emerged from the vegetation. I thought it was also Swamp, but it was much plainer. Grayish underparts and head. Head also had two dull orangy-rufous crown stripes and a thin stripe, same color, through  the eye. Back was brown with dark streaks. Two white wing bars.  Thin white eyering. Pinkish bill. Bird no larger than the Swamps. All three birds were first seen in dense vegetation in the channel bordered by two cement walls about 15 yds from the west end of the north wall. Chipping, Brewers, and American Tree Sparrow all eliminated  by pattern and color. A Field Sparrow was reported here yesterday. Chipping Sparrow has also been reported. Stephanie Floyd's description of Chipping Sparrow on ebird does not describe this bird. The bird flew out of the channel to a tree at the end and then across the junction of the creeks to dried weeds. I was too tired to go after it, deciding to research it instead. In Sibley the pattern is right but underparts are too bright gray or rufous, Online pics show several less bright individuals with the marks I noted.Dave Weber,MilpitasBy phone

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Field sparrow was recently reported at Gomez I think. I may have refound it at 2:10. End of the channel between the wall and the area where two other creeks join. Details later. Plus two Swamps!!Dave Weber,MilpitasBy phone

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