Photos on EBB Yahoo website

Len Blumin

Pleased to see EBB migrated to Yahoo. I'm wondering about the EBB policy, if any, regarding posting of photos on EBB.

Sometimes we capture a bird of interest that others might enjoy. One way to post on YahooGroups sites is to attach a web-sized JPEG to the initial posting. These photos can be viewed and/or downloaded by those receiving individual emails from EBB, but these photos will not be archived on the EBB site unless a companion Google site has been set up.

A second way to post photos is to navigate to the EBB site (, then click on "Photos" in the box on the left, then "Create Album", "Add Photos", etc. You will be uploading photos to the album you have created. For example, I just created an album titled "Albany Bulb Hummers", and uploaded 3 photos as a test.

A third method to include a photo is the more traditional method, i.e. for the photographer to upload the image to his/her own photo website and provide a link in the posting. This generally works well, especially if hotlinks are permitted (I believe the old EBB Sightings did not permit HTML or hotlinks, but not sure).

Cheers, Len Blumin

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