Ohlone Audubon Eastern Alameda County field trip

richard s. cimino

Yesterday with high wind and smoke in the air 14 diehard birders had a wonderfully birdie day in the field.
The real results started at Clifton Forebay (Contra Costa county) with 32 species of ducks, grebes, tern and other water birds.
Best bird here was a male and female Redhead.
Moving on to Burns Road - still in Contra Costa County 3 American Kestrels and many Meadow Larks.
The real action began as we entered into Alameda County starting at county road marker .097.
In the small pond was a Greater Yellowlegs, Killdeer, American Pipits and Brewers Black Birds - birds usually unmentioned in reports.
Scoping due east of this pond were two Ferruginous both juveniles sitting on the ground. To the northeast was a second year plumaged Golden Eagle and two Redtail Hawks.
Continuing on Burns Rd to Bethany Reservoir there were several Redtail Hawks perched on the transmission towers. Turning on to Christensen Rd. lined with olive and willow trees were many Yellow-rumped Warblers, crowned sparrows and I heard a Nuttall's Woodpecker. This area is laced with ground squirrels nest - mounds , now Burrowing Owls were seen.
From the Bethany Reservoir picnic area we found another second year Golden Eagle and Red-tail Hawks and four Dark-eyed Juncos. Leaving the reservoir nearing Burns Rd. we picked up an Adult Golden Eagle and an adult Ferruginous Hawk.
Species was 57 species.
Trip leader
Rich Cimino

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