Immature Northern Shrike persists near Cruiser Haven Marina, CoCoCo

David Quady and Nancy Boas

Hi, birders:

The immature Northern Shrike that Dan Kopp and Jose Martinez found and photographed on November 1 continued this morning, near the marina at 7000 Orwood Road. I saw it from the levee road at about 37.939633, -121.571632, near where north-south-running power lines cross the railroad tracks and the road. At 8:15 am the bird flew onto the telephone cable that hangs beneath those power lines, stopped to provide a brief but spectacular view from 25 ft away, and then flew to the south, toward a nearby clump of sycamores and out of view.

The only person I encountered during the hour I spent there was driving a pickup truck — we exchanged friendly waves — across the tracks and onto Orwood Road as I stood near the railroad crossing. I stayed on what I took to be public roads.

“No trespassing” signs abound …. Good luck if you try for this bird.

Dave Quady
Berkeley, California

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