Northern Shrike -- Continues

Graham Chisholm

Bob Richmond and I arrived at about the same time around 12:45 pm, and managed to find the previously report 1st year Northern Shrike at the Cruiser Haven Marina (or Yacht Club) in eastern Contra Costa County.  The bird was perched on wooden electric pools north of the marina and it occasionally perched on nearby willows (both are along railroad tracks north of the marina).  It was easiest to see the bird from the railroad crossing at the western end of the marina (which is immediately on the left just off the paved road as you go through the gate into the marina.  

We knocked on the harbor master's office (blue building with a mural) but no one responded, and one of the resident said it was fine to birdwatch around the marina.  

Thanks.  Graham Chisholm
Berkeley, CA

Graham Chisholm
c. 510-409-6603

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