A murder of crows?

Kay Loughman

Who knows about crows, e.g why here, why now?  I've lived in the hills on the Berkeley/Oakland border for most of the last fifty years.  We see a few crows per month - no great numbers.   But this last week I've seen as many as 100 birds at a time flying up and down Claremont Canyon, perching in trees and on rooftops.  A neighbor took this photo  a couple of days ago which reminded me of a similar photo taken by a different neighbor also during the third week of October, but in 2012.  I've skimmed the BNA Online account for American Crow, and didn't see any plausible explanation, and believe our local crows don't migrate.  So why are they here?  Is there something special about October?   Some delectable food source? 

Are unexpectedly large numbers of crows being seen in other neighborhoods?  Insights appreciated.

Kay Loughman

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