Wildcat Canyon Chipping Sparrow, Cassin's Vireo Thursday 9/13

Alan Krakauer

Got a few interesting birds in Wildcat Canyon this morning. Saw a Cassin’s vireo approximately half-way up the Bonita trail in with a small mixed flock of migrants. Also got a brief look at a Chipping Sparrow in the willow thicket on the bay-side of the Belgum Trail through the gate but before the climb up to the palms/Belgum site. Also had 3 singing California Thrashers along the Wildcat Creek Trail in the first open area SE of the Belgum Trail. Cal Thrasher was a big miss for me in the park for the past year, one that I’d been on the look-out for. I finally heard one over the weekend and then to get three right along the trail was a nice surprise!

Full list: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S48484927

Alan Krakauer
Richmond, CA

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